Darkside Interview
An interview with Tom Beauvais



Cat #

Asylum VIPCO VSC001

The Beyond VIPCO VSC002

A Blade in the Dark VIPCO VSC003 United States 1974
City of the Living Dead VIPCO VSC004 France 1980
The Deadly Spawn VIPCO VSC005 United States 1974
Death Trap VIPCO VSC006 Italy 1979
Drive-In Massacre VIPCO VSC007 South Africa, Swit... 1975
Eaten Alive VIPCO VSC008 France 1976
The House by the Cemetery VIPCO VSC009 Great Britain 1980
Island of Death VIPCO VSC010 Italy, Great Britain 1975
Mountain of the Cannibal God VIPCO VSC011 Great Britain 1979
The Mutilator VIPCO VSC012 Kenya 1980
Pranks VIPCO VSC013 Great Britain 1978
Rats - Night of Terror VIPCO VSC014 United States 1980
The Slayer VIPCO VSC015 Hong Kong 1971
Spookies VIPCO VSC016 United States 1977
Stagefright VIPCO VSC017 United States 1980
The Toolbox Murders VIPCO VSC018 United States 1979
Vault of Horror VIPCO VSC019 United States 1974
The Incredible Melting Man VIPCO VSC020 Switzerland, West ... 1975
The House on the Edge of the Park VIPCO VSC021 United States 1978
Ghosthouse VIPCO VSC022 United States 1973
Grave of the Vampire VIPCO VSC023 United States 1980
The Nostril Picker VIPCO VSC024 Italy 1979
Suicide VIPCO VSC025 Japan, United States 1980
The Dungeon VIPCO VSC026 United States 1976
The Zombie dead VIPCO VSC027 Hong Kong 1979
Zombie Flesh Eaters 2 VIPCO VSC028 United States 1979
Zombie Flesh eaters 3 VIPCO VSC029 United States 1979
Zombie Nosh VIPCO VSC030 Canada 1980
The House of Clocks VIPCO VSC031 Philippines 1974
The Sweet House of Horrors VIPCO VSC032 United States 1981
The House of Lost Souls VIPCO VSC033 Hong Kong 1981
The House of Witchcraft VIPCO VSC034 United States 1976
The Case of the Bloody Iris VIPCO VSC035 United States 1981
Flesh Eating Mothers VIPCO VSC036 United States 1979
The Werewolf of Washington VIPCO VSC037 Italy, Spain 1969
Psychic Killer VIPCO VSC038 United States 1979
Night of the Demon VIPCO VSC039 Italy, West Germany 1975
Zombie Creeping Flesh VIPCO VSC040 United States 1973
Demons 3 The Ogre VIPCO VSC041 United States 1980
Death Screams VIPCO VSC042 United States 1974
God Told Me To VIPCO VSC043 United States 1968
Snowbeast VIPCO VSC044 Italy, France 1973
Bloody Moon VIPCO VSC045 Italy, France 1974