Darkside Interview
An interview with Tom Beauvais

Monday, 24 June 2013 13:17 | Published in The Screamtime Collection | Read 2094 times | More in this category: « The Nostril Picker Suicide »
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  • Release Date:
  • Vipco Catalogue Number: VIP022
  • Director: Umberto Lenzi
  • Writers: Umberto Lenzi
  • Actors: Lara Wendel, Greg Scott, Mary Sellers
  • Storyline: Visions of a deceased girl and her doll bring doom to the visitors of a deserted house.
  • Country: Italy
  • Language: English
  • Cerifitcate: 18
  • Cut:
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Death holds the mortgage, and if you move in...they'll be Hell to pay.


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