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The Nesting

  • Release Date: 01-01-2011
  • Vipco Catalogue Number: VIP043
  • Director: Armand Weston
  • Writers: Daria Price, Armand Weston
  • Actors: Robin Groves, Christopher Loomis, Michael David Lally
  • Storyline:
    A writer suffering from agoraphobia rents an isolated house so she can concentrate on her writing. She doesn't know that the house is a former brothel, and is inhabited by the ghosts of dead prostitutes.

  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
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A house that lives. And breathes terror.

The penultimate director’s work of Armand Weston, a filmmaker who also scripted and produced this underrated horror effort, became the last full-length feature film of Gloria Grahame – an actress who will forever be remembered as Annie in Fred Zinnemann’s 1955 classic musical Oklahoma!

Weston’s story is that of Lauren, an agoraphobic author who decides to take a vacation, stopping off at a remote country mansion – a disused brothel which is inhabited by the sinister ghosts of its former prostitutes. Renting the place from the kooky Colonel Lebrun (played by hard working horror regular John Carradine), who inexplicably also suffers a heart attack immediately upon seeing the woman!

This was VIPCO’s only video release during October 1982, the company’s last until Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein – another problematic title for the company – appeared in November of the same year.

Strangely enough, the film’s working title, and subsequently its US video re-issue title, was Massacre Mansion, although it’s fair to say that Michael Pataki’s 1976 film of the same name beat them to it! It’s also interesting to note that VIPCO’s 59th release, consisting of the fore mentioned Massacre Mansion, also featured Gloria Grahame, curiously linking both films.

In what must surely represent yet another juicy offering from DVD releasing company Blue Underground, The Nesting has also re-emerged in “blood-curdling High Definition from the original camera negative”.

Written by Kevin A Hall Last modified on Saturday, 23 February 2013 17:15

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