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Dark Sanity

  • Release Date: 01-01-1983
  • Vipco Catalogue Number: VIP049
  • Director: Martin Green
  • Writers: Larry Hilbrand, Phillip Pine
  • Actors: Aldo Ray, Kory Clark and Chuck Jamison
  • Storyline:
    A woman with psychic visions and an alcoholic past moves into a house where the previous occupant was mysteriously decapitated, and soon suspects the visions she's seeing are her own future.

  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
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This genuinely cheap-looking obscurity, from one-time filmmaker Martin Green, who also co-produced the film with the unknown Ben Brothers, was actually something of an abject lesson in the pitfalls of filmmaking for its cast; whereby, and with the possible exception of its star Aldo Ray, none of whom were actually paid...

When production had completed in 1980 both producer and director, a decidedly opportunistic pair, quickly disappeared leaving their bewildered cast and crew behind. Their handiwork, a decidedly shoddy horror-themed effort which featured a cast of just six unknown actors – one of whom portraying a woman with psychic visions who moves into a house where the previous occupant was mysteriously and brutally decapitated – appearing two years later on tape in the US, without any of its cast knowing about it!

Meanwhile, back in the UK, VIPCO were preparing to unleash the film here on tape, and craftily pasted a “Pre-Cinema Release” banner across its front cover – despite the fact that Green’s film would never be released in cinemas. This was a clever play on words that VIPCO bosses would often use to mislead their customers. Classification for Dark Sanity was handled in December 1982 by Lazer Films Ltd, whereupon the film achieved a modest ‘15’ rating, faring marginally better than Lazer Films’ The Savage Intruder which received the dreaded ‘X’ rating just a few months earlier the same year.

As unexpectedly as it might have appeared, Green’s controversial picture has since completely disappeared; at the time of writing, no digital release of Dark Sanity has been found.

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