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  • Release Date: 01-12-1980
  • Vipco Catalogue Number: VIP004
  • Director: Claude Mulot
  • Writers: Uncredited
  • Actors: Sylvia Lamo, Yves Jouffroy, Anna Perini
  • Storyline:
    Following a car crash Carol is confronted by an unknown face in the mirror - she has amnesia. She decides to hide the fact and wait for events to unfold which might give her a clue as to her former life. She doesn't have to wait too long. Searching feverishly amongst her belongings, her past is revealed piece by piece. The one prime fact to emerge is that she is a high class call girl! Everything is uncovered from her puritanical upbringing to the wildest debauchery. She even discovers with surprise the pleasures sexual liberty bring her but she will soon learn the grave problems connected with the oldest profession. Perhaps it is best after all to pretend she is amnesic, even though her memory is completely restored? She searches frantically for a way out.

  • Country: France
  • Language: English
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Vice was Her Life

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