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  • Release Date: 1983
  • Vipco Catalogue Number: VIP053
  • Director: George Hood
  • Writers: Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi
  • Actors: Russ Fast, Marcie Severson, Janet Galen
  • Storyline:
    This film is based on a true story. Richie is 19 - a rebel without a cause. Laura is 14 - a gentle schoolgirl. They meet, fall in love and begin a terrifying rampage across mid-America killing anyone who gets in their way. In two days 10 people are dead. "Execution" truthfully captures the full horror, savage attacks and brutal murders of a couples' violent killing spree right up to the electrifying end!!

  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
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Stark Raving Mad

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