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  • Release Date: 28/10/1993
  • Vipco Catalogue Number: VIP050
  • Director: Sergio Martino
  • Writers: Ernesto Gastaldi
  • Actors: Suzy Kendall, Tina Aumont, Luc Merenda
  • Storyline: Someone is strangling coeds in Perugia. The only clue is that the killer owns a red and black scarf, and police are stumped. American exchange student Jane and her friends decide to take a break from classes by going up to Danielle's uncle's villa in the country. Unfortunately the killer decides to follow, and the women begin suffering a rapid attrition problem.
  • Country: Italy
  • Language: English
  • Cerifitcate: 18
  • Cut: 50s
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Enter... if you dare the bizarre world of the psychosexual mind.

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