Darkside Interview

video_unlimited music  video feb 81 p79.jpg Distribution histories are a bit of an archeology dig at the best of times a VIPCO more than most. Many of their titles when checked against the BBFC catalogue list other, possibly subsidiary companies as the distributor. As this article demonstrates, VIPCO's revival was in association with Gold and Sons but many of those titles are credited to

Vipco Ltd. (Pre Certification)

Vipco Ltd.(2)

Michael Lee

Horror Video Ltd.

Protected Ltd

Cert Jet Ltd

Lazer Films Ltd

Golds & Sons Ltd.

During a recent visit to the British Library I stumbled upon the ad to the right from Video Unlimited, published in 1981 in Music and Video, claiming the Video Unlimited were the sole distributors for many of the early releases in the VIPCO pre-cert catalogue. This information throws up further questions about the degree to which VIPCO were traditionally a distributor and how distribution worked in the early 80's. I am interested in the development of the 'Banned Brand' that VIPCO pioneered, I think this ad is interesting in that if VIPCO produced the product and used other companies such as Video Unlimited to distribute it indicates the formation of VIPCO as brand early on using distribution mechanisms already in place. There are more questions than answers at the moment but as information arises it will be posted this portion of the site and if anyone can contribute any information to this or any other part of the site please get in touch.