Darkside Interview
An interview with Tom Beauvais



Cat #




The Deadly Spawn Cert Jet Ltd VIP001 * 18 24/04/1986 *
The Groove Tube Vipco Ltd(2) VIP002 N/A 18 01/01/1992
The Bogey Man Sachs Nicam GB Ltd VIP003 44s 18 12/03/1992
Spookies Cert Jet Ltd VIP004 N/A 18 28/02/1986
Zombie Flesh Eaters Sachs Nicam GB Ltd VIP005 * 18 22/04/1992 *
Shogun Assassin Vipco Ltd(2) VIP006 * 18 01/01/1992 *
Shogun Assassin (Strong Uncut) Vipco Ltd(2) VIP006 N/A N/A 01/01/1992
The Slayer Vipco Ltd(2) VIP007 14s 18 01/03/1992
King Frat Sachs Nicam GB Ltd VIP008 N/A 18 03/06/1992
Death Trap Vipco Ltd(2) VIP009 25s 18 01/06/1992
Death Trap (Strong Uncut) Vipco Ltd(2) VIP009 N/A N/A 01/06/1992
Psychic Killer Vipco Ltd(2 VIP010 * 18 21/08/1992 *
Death Warmed Up Vipco Ltd(2) VIP011 * 18 22/07/1992 *
The Beyond Vipco Ltd(2) VIP012 * 18 01/08/1992 *
The Beyond (Strong Uncut) Vipco Ltd(2) VIP012 N/A N/A 01/08/1992
City of the Living Dead Vipco Ltd(2 VIP013 * 18 28/08/1992 *
City of the Living Dead (Strong Uncut) Vipco Ltd(2) VIP013 N/A N/A 28/08/1992
Eaten Alive (Skull Cover Art) Vipco Ltd(2) VIP014 * 18 01/08/1992 *
Eaten Alive Skull Cover Art / Strong Uncut) Vipco Ltd(2) VIP014 N/A N/A 01/08/1992
Eaten Alive (Throat Cut Cover Art) Vipco Ltd(2) VIP020 * 18 >01/08/1992 *
The Burning Vipco Ltd(2) VIP015 9s 18 01/09/1992
House by the Cemetery Vipco Ltd(2) VIP016 * 18 10/11/1993 *
House by the Cemetery (Strong Uncut) Vipco Ltd(2) VIP016 N/A N/A 10/11/1993
Blood Rage Vipco Ltd(2) VIP017 1979 18 01/09/1992
Savage Intruder Vipco Ltd(2) VIP018 not listed in the BBFC Catalogue

VIPCO VIP019 1976
Zombie Flesh Eaters (Widescreen) Vipco Ltd(2) VIP020 * 18 01/10/1992*
Zombie Flesh Eaters (Widescreen / Strong Uncut) Vipco Ltd(2) VIP020 N/A N/A 01/10/1992
Death of a Nun Vipco Ltd(2) VIP021 1979 18 01/10/1992
Drive in Massacre Vipco Ltd(2) VIP022 N/A 18 01/10/1992
The Werewolf of Washington Vipco Ltd(2)
N/A 15 01/12/1992
Beyond Evil Vipco Ltd(2) VIP024 1981 15 12/01/1993
Inseminoid Vipco Ltd(2) VIP025 1981 18 01/12/1992
Massacre Mansion Vipco Ltd(2) VIP026 1976 18 01/12/1992
Bloody Birthday Vipco Ltd(2) VIP027 1981 18 08/04/1993
The House Where Death Lives Vipco Ltd(2) VIP028 1979 15 01/01/1993
And Now the Screaming Starts Vipco Ltd(2) VIP029 * 15 01/03/1993 *
Evil Force Vipco Ltd VIP030 1979 18 06/07/1983
Patrick Vipco Ltd(2) VIP031 * 18 10/03/1993 *
Grave of the Vampire Vipco Ltd(2) VIP032 1973 18 01/02/1993
The Nostril Picker (With Poster) VIP033 1980 18 01/02/1993
The Nostril Picker (Uncut Version) Vipco Ltd(2) VIP033 1974 N/A Alternate version is also uncut 01/02/1993
Asylum Vipco Ltd(2) VIP034 1968 15 30/03/1993
The Incredible Melting Man Vipco Ltd(2) VIP035 * Cinematic Version was Longer 18 20/07/1993 *
Sewage Baby Vipco Ltd(2) VIP036 02 s 18 01/05/1993
Horror Hospital Vipco Ltd(2) VIP037 N/A 18 01/04/1993
Midnight Vipco Ltd(2) VIP038 * 18 01/04/1993 *
Thirst Vipco Ltd(2) VIP039 * 18 01/02/1993 *
Flesh Eating Mothers Vipco Ltd(2) VIP040 N/A 18 18/07/1994
Vault of Horror Vipco Ltd(2) VIP041 N/A 15 01/03/1993
Vipco Ltd(2) VIP042 N/A longest version on record 18 01/04/1993
Shockwaves Vipco Ltd(2) VIP043 1978 15 01/05/1993
Zombie Nosh Vipco Ltd(2) VIP044 1m 41s 18 01/06/1993
Zombie Nosh (Strong Uncut) Vipco Ltd(2) VIP044 N/A N/A 01/06/1993
Human Experiments Vipco Ltd(2) VIP045 26s 18 01/07/1993
Blood Camp Thatcher Vipco Ltd(2) VIP046 5m 42s 18 10/11/1993
Night of the Bloody Apes Vipco Ltd(2) VIP047
Not certificated and withdrawn 10/11/1993
Inseminoid (Strong Uncut Version) Vipco Ltd(2) VIP048 N/A N/A 10/11/1993
Night of the Demon Vipco Ltd(2) VIP049 1m 41s 18 20/01/1994
Torso Vipco Ltd(2) VIP050 50s 18 28/10/1993
Prozzie Vipco Ltd(2) VIP051 N/A 18 07/10/1993
Bloody Moon Vipco Ltd(2) VIP052 1m 20s 18 01/09/1993
The Warning Vipco Ltd(2) VIP053 N/A 15 20/08/1993
Brain Fix Vipco Ltd(2) VIP054 N/A 18 01/08/1993
Terror Eyes Vipco Ltd(2) VIP055 9s 15 01/08/1993
The Slime (Uncut directors version) Vipco Ltd(2) VIP056 N/A 18 10/12/1993
Dark Sanity Vipco Ltd(2) VIP057 N/A 15 01/10/1993
Massacre at Central High Vipco Ltd(2) VIP058 not listed in the BBFC Catalogue

The Mutilator (Strong Uncut Version) Vipco Ltd(2) VIP059 not listed in the BBFC Catalogue

Shogun Assassin (Strong Uncut Version) Vipco Ltd(2) VIP060 not listed in the BBFC Catalogue

Zombie Flesh Eaters (Extreme Version) Vipco Ltd(2) VIP061 not listed in the BBFC Catalogue

Vipco Ltd(2) VIP062
Shogun Assassin (Widescreen Strong Uncut Version) Vipco Ltd(2) VIP063 not listed in the BBFC Catalogue

Vipco Ltd(2) VIP064
Vipco Ltd(2) VIP065
The Toolbox Murders Vipco Ltd(2) VIP066 not listed in the BBFC Catalogue

Vipco Ltd(2) VIP067
Vipco Ltd(2) VIP068
Vipco Ltd(2) VIP069
Zombie Flesh Eaters (Strong Uncut Version) Vipco Ltd(2) VIP070 not listed in the BBFC Catalogue

Driller Killer Vipco Ltd(2) VIP071 not listed in the BBFC Catalogue

The Toolbox Murders (Strong Uncut Version) Vipco Ltd(2) VIP072 not listed in the BBFC Catalogue

I Spit on Your Grave(Strong Uncut Version) Vipco Ltd(2) VIP073 not listed in the BBFC Catalogue

The Toxic Avenger(Strong Uncut Version) Vipco Ltd(2) VIP074 not listed in the BBFC Catalogue

Cannibal Holocaust(Strong Uncut Version) Vipco Ltd(2) VIP075 not listed in the BBFC Catalogue

Cannibal Ferox(Strong Uncut Version) Vipco Ltd(2) VIP076 not listed in the BBFC Catalogue

The New York Ripper(Strong Uncut Version) Vipco Ltd(2) VIP077 not listed in the BBFC Catalogue

Death Trap VIP082

* This information has been retrieved from the BBFC website. Listed films which are marked with an asterix, indicate that the version submitted was not cut, however the title was cut pre submission to the BBFC and as such is not representative of the full version of any given title.