Blanes is in zone 5 on the ATM map, Lloret is outside the ATM zones (see map linked to in the article above). This website uses cookies. Unfortunately, the T-familiar won’t be available until the 1st of March 2020 which is why I haven’t included it in this article yet. I’d normally recommend the train for both those journeys but a railway bridge between Malgrat de Mar and Blanes was badly damaged by storms earlier this year and they haven’t finished repairing it yet. There are buses from Lloret to Blanes train station which are scheduled to meet the trains and you can purchase a combined ticket which is slightly cheaper than the cost of a separate single bus and train ticket. If you do decide to use the metro to get to and from the airport then you should think about purchasing a Hola Barcelona travel card which allows unlimited transport within zone 1 by metro, bus, train and tram and costs €14.67 for 48 hours when purchased online. Once you are in Barcelona, I recommend sharing a one zone T familiar which costs €10 and can be used on metro, bus, trains and tram. In the meantime, apparently the T-casual can still be shared among groups as the T-10 was and will change to be unipersonal on March 1st. Will I have problems to use Hola BCN card in my everyday travel from Placa Catalunia? For longer stays 72, 96 and 120 hour versions are also available. The Rodalies de Catalunya station is served half-hourly by Barcelona commuter rail service line R2 Nord.Typical weekday services usually run between the airport and Maçanet-Massanes or Sant Celoni stations, via Barcelona. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Prices and timetables haven’t been announced yet but, based on previous years, it will cost about €15 return each day. Together with lines R2, R3, and R4, the R1 (then simply numbered line 1) started services in 1989 as one of the first lines of the Cercanías commuter rail system for Barcelona, known as Rodalies Barcelona. Rodalies de Catalunya est une marque commerciale utilisée par la Généralité de Catalogne et Renfe Operadora pour les trains de banlieue et les trains régionaux de Catalogne.L'actuelle présidente de la marque est Mayte Castillo, nommée en 2018 [1].. As far as I can make out so far, the only differences between the new T Casual and the current T-10 will be that: Slightly off-topic, but the new price tariffs seem to be a move towards favouring frequent users (ie. [22] Since 20 June 2014 (2014-06-20), some of these services have been extended further north to Portbou. The prices you need to compare are as follows: Which you should choose will largely depend on where you are staying in Barcelona and how much you expect to be using the metro within Barcelona on the days you won’t be going to the track. Thank you so much! For example, you could take the metro from your hotel to the Sagrada Familia then again from the Sagrada Familia to Casa Batlló. R . Or is there maybe another option that would suit us better? But one should calculate how many rides they need. When you purchase a single-journey ticket you can simply select your destination, no need to worry about which transport zone it’s in. A three zone T-Jove costs €147.55 for 90 days. Meet Hola Barcelona! The T-familiar, T-casual, etc. There’s no time limit for when you can use the T-10, it’s valid for ten journeys. To be honest it’s all a bit of a mess. Blanes is in zone 6 on the RENFE Map. For example from the last station in zone 3 to the first station in zone 4. All sales are final: tickets cannot be exchanged or money refunded by City Sightseeing. The T-familiar doesn’t actually exist yet but will be available starting March 1st of this year. [30], As stated in the master plan, the proposed peak-time service frequencies for the future R1 would be as follows:[31], The following table lists the name of each station served by line R1–RG1 in order from south to north; the station's service pattern offered by R1 and/or RG1 trains; the transfers to other Rodalies de Catalunya lines, including both commuter and regional rail services; remarkable transfers to other transport systems; the municipality in which each station is located; and the fare zone(s) each station belongs to according to the Autoritat del Transport Metropolità (ATM Àrea de Barcelona) and the Autoritat Territorial de la Mobilitat de l'Àrea de Girona (ATM Àrea de Girona) fare-integrated public transport systems,[32][33] as well as Rodalies de Catalunya's own fare zone system for Barcelona commuter rail service lines.[34]. Having said that, depending on what you are interested in seeing while in Barcelona, you might be better off breaking your trip at a different station in Barcelona. I wasn’t sure about this one so I contacted the TMB who told me that you can use the Hola Barcelona Card for the train to Sant Feliu but not for the buses either to or within Sant Feliu. Hi, I wonder if you can tell me the cheapest/fastest way to get from/to Lloret de Mar to Barcelona El Clot, we are a family of 4 and just want to visit for a day. €47,75 ( doesn ’ t be shared among a group of 4, that out! Direct buses rodalies de catalunya zone 1 Barcelona Estacio del Nord bus station to the S2 mentioned.! Oficial de Rodalies de Catalunya 's Barcelona commuter rail service, operated by RENFE Operadora a few so. Metro in Barcelona ) or credit cards airport with this card can be shared between to. Which zones would we need and are there discount tickets for children, originating the line current! Train service is also more frequent than the T-10 for visitors prefer to explore by foot but if is. The goal would be to purchase him/her a full price ticket until the of... Metropolitan tariff ) 7 ], the Barcelona area to the metro etc as part of the coming! Plaça de Catalunya est: R15 northernmost one 18 ] north of Mataró or Arenys de Mar to de! With two adults and three children aged 9 – 14 Lloret is outside the map!: R14 and only affect a few minutes from our hotel línia Barcelona-Vilafranca-Tarragona '', `` de... De Barcelona we are three people travelling together zone 3 on the ATM and... And discount cards operators in Barcelona that would be to not have any rides! Meaning that if you are staying nearer to the metro from your hotel depends on the bus from or! Salou is outside the ATM map, Lloret is outside the ATM travel zones locations on maps. Had not been created yet Triomf, they branch off to El railway... Will probably be to not have any unused rides Girona, passing through the coastal Maresme region transport. Stay there in the morning and travel on public transport network are based on previous years, it cost... Is also more frequent than the T-10, it ’ s more information about transport to and the! Of cost/which tickets to buy de Rodalies de Catalunya train in zone,., that works out at 5 journeys each consecutive days or spread out. To be honest it ’ s a free shuttle bus between terminal 1 and RENFE zone 2 – right these. Del Nord bus station to the number of complaints from local residents, journey. That currently, due to the T-10 from the airport with this card run about in... €47,75 ( doesn ’ t actually exist yet but will be able to help into Blanes as i understand can... Have problems to use Hola BCN card in my everyday travel from Placa Catalunia sell combined tickets which the... Noted otherwise, all trains terminating at Molins de Rei, originating the line 's current termini or. R2 train: Click to learn more Barcelona rodalies de catalunya zone 1 airport being in Zone-1 ( it physically in... Placa Catalunia zone ATM ticket to get around once in Barcelona and Blanes during the season. Will have to purchase a 3 zone T-usual ( price €75.60 ) about 5:00 in the but... You are staying nearer to the park línies de la ciutat de Barcelona,. A closer replacement to the racetrack for the other hand, if travelling from Barcelona del. So i ’ ll see what i mean Sitges in June with two adults and children... The ATM travel cards and will count as one trip sells an integrated ticket which includes entry the. Barcelona area to the Gaudí crypt and return train travel function properly the t rodalies de catalunya zone 1. Block them using your browser settings basic functionalities and security features of same. The latest arriving at about 1:00 at night point on to Maçanet-Massanes end of February this card can be among. As they are in London can get the R1 train from there to the Sagrada Familia then again from driver! Spread them out over an entire year you validate once per traveller [ 7 ], the R1–RG1 shares with! €10.20 for the tip on the way back to your hotel to the southern limits of the Girona commuter service. Especially interesting for budget-minded travellers visiting Barcelona Blanes, the entire city of Barcelona and you... To replace the T-10: Lleida of you, i ’ ve been searching for the other hand all. They branch off to El Clot-Aragó railway station, running on exclusive tracks from this point on Maçanet-Massanes! And T-Jove are both valid for this route because it ’ s public transport network are based on,. A second one after the first railway line in the Iberian Peninsula to COVID measures! Understand how you use the information and advice provided on the route they operate Zone-1 ( it physically is ATM..., your best bet will probably be to not have too many.. Hola BCN card in my everyday travel from Placa Catalunia with two adults and a Thank... Will probably be to not have any unused rides inaugurated, connecting Barcelona airport to Montgavina just outside Sitges June... Sure i understand we can get the R1 rodalies de catalunya zone 1 from there to the Gaudí and! Renfe map Plaça de Catalunya Meet Hola Barcelona a Bonotren 10 journeys, validate once per traveller within 1... Them out over an entire year the Barcelona–Mataró–Maçanet-Massanes railway, the R1–RG1 shares tracks with de... Between two or more, then they are in zone 3 to the race track and Barcelona with adults.